Some new products

Some new products

Some new products

It has been a while since we introduced new products at the Deli.  Being online only, we have to make 100% sure it is something our customers would buy, as tasting and touching is not a factor anymore.

So, to start off, we have two products we are testing.  Pecans Caramel Coated and Macadamias Caramel Coated.  We've finished a packet of the Macadamias last night.  You can't stop if you start, they are delicious!  Maybe the ideal snack in the cold weather?
Pecans Caramel Coated - R90 / 250g
Macadamias Caramel Coated - R80 / 250g

One of our regular customers asked us if we can stock the Nairn's Original Oatcakes.  We are pleased to say that we have indeed ordered some stock, and it is now available online.  They are the ideal biscuit for a snack or a cheese board, and like all the other Nairn's, they are wrapped in four different sachets, so if you don't empty the packet, they will stay perfectly fresh.  Nairn's Original Oatcakes are selling for R 63 online.

Another product range that never fails us, is the range of chutneys and marmalades from Clyde Trading.  We've fallen in love with the Smoked Onion Marmalade, and end last year he introduced the Smoked Apricot Chutney.  Well, the two latest products, Smoked Peach Chutney and Peach Chilli Chutney, followed in the same footsteps as the previous products.  Excellent quality, and a winner on anything, from a bean curry, or a burger, right through to a cheese platter!  Both available at R40 each.

Seems all our new products can make a pretty good cheese board, all you have to do is get some cheeses from your local supermarket. 😉

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