A bit more on our bread

So, we had a question from a client re our bread.

Q: Which of your sourdough breads are slow fermented?
A: From our baker.... We have 3 sourdough cultures that have been kept alive since 2007 - white, brown and rye. After the evening's baking the starter is fed before sunrise and used in the late evening. The fermentation process of the starters is thus half a day. All our sourdough breads are made using this method. The only non-sourdough breads are the ciabattas - plain and olive.

Q: How long does it typically take for a bread order to be delivered to Gauteng?
A: Our courier takes 2-3 working days to Gauteng.  Typically if we send it on a Monday, our clients receive their package on a Wednesday.  Tuesdays on Thursdays, Wednesdays on Fridays, and Thursdays and Fridays on a Monday.  Please note that you have to order bread before 16:00 so that we can courier the following day.  We can only send parcels on weekdays, excluding public holidays.