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We are well know by many for our love boxes / gift boxes.  Whether it is to say thank you to a family member or a friend, or for an estate agent to say welcome to a new owner, or a business to say thank you to a client ... our love boxes are welcome gifts in many homes, businesses and even hospitals.  You dream it, we realise it.

Our pre-packed Father's Day Box was designed around Father's Day in 2021, and people ordered the "Father's Day Love Box" way past the event.  We've changed it a bit to be what a love box should be, just a treat for someone.  Now, with Father's Day around the corner, this box is an ideal gift for him.  So, whether you want to spoil your dad, son, husband, friend, colleague ... this one will tick the box for many men.  It contains the following:

    • 500g Droëwors
    • 200g Crunch 'n Munch Cookies
    • Chocolate Crunchies (Honeycomb & Chocolate) (250g)
    • Mixed Nuts Standard Salted
  •  (250g)
  • Portuguese Garlic Sauce - the best!!
  • Caramel Coated Peanuts (250g)
  • Mama's Cuisine Sauce - unique and a best seller!

Does our pre-packed love boxes not fit you needs?  Why not follow our online process to build your own love box?

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