Did you know that we have a Foodie Points program? And if so, do you know how to redeem your points?

We introduced our Foodie Points on 23 May 2023. Since then, whether you shop using your browser or our mobile app (either for iPhone or Android), you will earn points for each order placed.

The million-point question is: "How does it work?"

  1. Purchase online at thedeli.co.za and complete your payment (either Payfast, PayFlex or Bank Deposit*)
  2. Earn 3 points for every R1 spent (i.e., if you spend R1000, you will earn 3000 points)**
  3. Redeem your points earned on previous orders by converting points into gift vouchers (100 points = R1 in vouchers)
  4. On your next order, use the unique voucher code issued at your checkout to get a discount on the order.

To redeem your points, you must partake in the program. You can sign up at any point and time, and all the orders you've placed after 23 May will be counted towards points.

Some basic steps on how to use the Foodie Points program.

These are just the basic steps to partake in our Foodie Points program. If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@thedeli.co.za with your request.

* If you choose "Bank Deposit", your points will only reflect once we've received your payment
** The order value before VAT is used for the calculation