It started with a picnic in 2003 while we were still dating. Being a foodie, Franco impressed me with all his jars of pickles, jams and condiments. By 2012 we started with small functions on our stoep. Our Deli-story progressed into selling cheese, olives and nuts to friends and family, and in 2016 we started doing Deli-days every second Saturday.

Both the Deli-days and functions grew into a full-time function venue and walk-in shop called 42 on Sonneblom Deli pre Covid. We survived the Covid pandemic by closing the functions/restaurant and focussing on the online sales of 42 on Sonneblom Deli.

By March 2022 we received a hard NO from our local municipality stating that we cannot continue with such a big business in a residential area. This forced us to close the restaurant completely and focus only on our online shop. We rebranded the business to "The Deli" and "claimed" back a portion of our house for our own private use.

Today The Deli is a competitive online shop with over 1000 products. We courier country wide bringing deli products (and plants) to households and other businesses, small and large.

Thank you for being part of our journey.
Anneke and Franco