Where it all started

It started way back in 2003. I know it was with some friends at a church picnic at the Helderberg Nature Reserve. We were still young in our relationship, and, just maybe, Franco still wanted to impress me. But he also wanted to stay true to himself.

So, the picnic was packed with little jars with different food and interesting flavours, and some friends started calling us the “botteltjie-mense” (the jar-people).

But why this background?

Still to this day you can always find interesting jars (some small, some bigger) with interesting foods and flavours, in our fridge.

So, why not bring all these flavours together and share it with friends?

Today we run a full Deli with products from across the globe.

It gets better:

  • We want to be a blessing unto others. Whether it is with low prices, being part of community challenges or just serve and share our Deli and garden.
  • We are in the community, and for the community. Where possible we prefer to buy directly from small businesses, from communities around us or from our own community.
  • Our products are of high value and quality. If it is not good enough for us, we will not put it on the shelf. We believe in what we sell and use most of the products daily.