The short answer to this is No, we do not have a physical store.  Not anymore.

Some clients walked the journey since 2016'ish with us, and they just loved to spent some time in the garden, having a cup of coffee with milk tart or cake.  Some might even remember the big burgers and the milk shake!

During the lockdown we came to a point where we had to get formal approval from council to run the business from our premises.  That is why we stopped the coffee-shop, we just wanted to get permission to run the Deli as a walk-in shop.

Sadly they came back and said that we cannot use the entrance on Sonneblom Street anymore (due to traffic rules).  Unfortunately the space in front of our house (Wyoming Street) is just too little to convert that to a parking area.

So, came end February 2022, we had to close down the walk-in shop.  It also meant we had to stop selling a lot of our cold produce.

Since March 2022 we are thus 100% an online shop!  We are going bigger week after week, introducing new stock items, and getting rid of items that normally do not sell online.