Psyllium Husk (5kg bulk)


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Our Psyllium Husk is graded for human and animal consumption.

Psyllium husk is sometimes included in horses' diets for specific health-related reasons.

Digestive health: Psyllium husk is rich in soluble fiber, which can help promote healthy digestion in horses. It forms a gel-like substance when mixed with water, which can help soften the stool and ease the passage of faeces through the digestive tract. This can be particularly beneficial in preventing or managing conditions such as colic or impaction.

Sand clearance: Horses grazing on sandy pastures or those fed on a substrate that contains sand may inadvertently ingest small amounts of sand over time. This sand can accumulate in the digestive tract and lead to complications. Psyllium husk has been used as a laxative in horses to help facilitate the removal of sand from the intestines. It works by binding to the sand particles and increasing the bulk of the faeces, aiding in their elimination.

Weight management: Psyllium husk can contribute to weight management in horses. As a source of fiber, it can provide a feeling of fullness, potentially reducing overeating and aiding in weight control.

When considering the use of psyllium husk for a horse, it is essential to consult with a veterinarian or equine nutritionist. They can provide guidance on the appropriate dosage, administration methods, and whether it is suitable for the specific needs of the horse. Additionally, psyllium husk should not be used as a substitute for proper management practices, such as providing clean water, feeding a balanced diet, and minimizing exposure to sandy environments.

Ingredients: Psyllium Husk