Musanya Turmeric & Ginger Honey (325g)


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Musanya Turmeric & Ginger Honey Superfood Tea

The aromatic spiced mystique of turmeric and ginger in a sustainably sourced, enzymatic honey.  Bring the robust antioxidant, anti-inflammatory goodness of curcumin to your daily dose of superfood honey.  Add to boiling water for a delicious, comforting hot drink or drizzle liberally in your morning smoothie to feel the immediate benefits of nature's healing power.  Packed with phyto-nutrients and rich in digestive enzymes, honey is a vital health gateway.

Country of origin: Zambia

Customer Reviews

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Lindi Smith
An absolute must have!!!!

I absolutely love this tea!!! It is a must have for any kitchen! It is not only super healthy but it honestly tastes devine!! I'm not even a tea lover but this is one of my favorites at my favorite deli!!! Go and try it, you won't regret it and your digestive system and immune system will clap hands after every sip!!

Shameela Simon
Absolutely amazing and tasty !

I absolutely love this tea.. It's amazing and delicious. I have seen an improvement with my digestive system. It also helped with my throat and chest when I had flu few days ago. I did not need any other medication. I am definitely stocking up with some more!!!