Yoghurt Coated Almonds (1kg)


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Indulge in a delightful flavor and texture twist with Yogurt Almonds! These crunchy almonds get a cool and creamy upgrade with a delicious yogurt coating.

  • Sweet & Tart: The perfect balance of sweet yogurt and a hint of tartness creates an irresistible flavor combination.
  • Satisfying Crunch: Enjoy the satisfying crunch of almonds with a smooth and creamy yogurt coating in every bite.
  • Protein Powerhouse: Almonds are a natural source of protein, keeping you feeling fuller for longer.
  • Grab-and-Go Snack: A convenient and delicious snack option, perfect for satisfying cravings on the go.
  • Treat Yourself (or Share!): Enjoy them by the handful or share them with friends and family.

Yogurt Almonds: The perfect snack that combines creamy indulgence with a satisfying crunch!

  • Allergens: Tree Nuts, Gluten
  • Ingredients: Almonds, Sugar, Smooth Yoghurt, Dextrose, Emulsifier, Glazing Agents, Flavour